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#57 Friends Again

Comic 57

Nimbo and Sunny are now friends again! All you need is a magical cookie of hope and wonder. This is a special four-strip comic which may seem a bit strange and random!


#56 In Memory

Comic 56

This is a special tribute to Fart-Buddy. Fart's are precious so look after them, or you might lose them to Air Freshener! Sunny is rude though, he interrupted the service!


#55 It's Philosophical

Comic 55

Sometimes I have problems pronouncing complicated words. This either makes me look very cute or very stupid, I'll let you be the judge of that.


#54 The Death of Fart-Buddy

Comic 54

Nimbo has a new pal! Yay! But oh noes! Sunny has KILLED HIM!! Could this put a strain on their friendship..?


#53 The Birth of Fart-Buddy

Comic 53

When I get bored and lonely, I make my own friends too!


World Environment Day

World Environment Day

This comic is to celebrate World Environment Day which takes place every June 5th. You can learn more about it on the World Environment Day website.


#52 Tastes Like Vomit

Comic 52

That's the problem with warp holes, they can put you off the mountain of sweet goodness that you may have aquired.


#51 Got Ice Cream?

Comic 51

Look's like Sunny won't be going hungry for quite some time.

#50 Candy-Floss Comics

Comic 50

Oh my gosh, we've reached fifty comics already! It feels just like yesterday. So here is a special comic.. You should know where it is from if you've read the very first comic! This comic was posted on the 31st of May 2007.


#49 OMG Addicted!

Comic 49

Free strawberry ice cream! Personally I prefer chocolate. Do you think Sunny will ever go back to the normal dimension now?! Also, remember when Sunny last got addicted and he said it was because he was picked on for preferring strawberry over vanilla? His alternative self likes vanilla! Just a tid bit there.