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#65 Evil has no Friends!

Comic 65

Muahahaha Sturm is evil alright. But he's also bored, with no one to tyrannize. Will Sturm be the unlikely hero to save the island from invaders?! Find out soon!


We have a forum!

Fluffy Cloud Comics now has its own forum, hosted on the My Opera community! Come here to talk about the comic and the characters.. The community you will find us in is there to talk about clouds as well, so come and talk about fluffy clouds in general :D

You can find us here: http://my.opera.com/FluffyClouds/forums

#64 Guardian of the Cave

Comic 64

Hey, it's Sturm! Last time we saw him was Comic 26! Nimbo needs his help to help get rid of the storm cloud invaders, and no one is better than a psychotic storm cloud. Shame he's a bit too eager though.


#63 It's bananas

Comic 63

Annnnd FCC is back to normal, more or less! Here Nimbo and Sunny are going off to visit Sturm for the first time in a while. In fact, the last time we saw him was when he was sentenced to live on the island in Comic 26 and we learn in Comic 27 that he decided to live in a cave. This cave, in fact! Spooky!


#62 Flawed Logic

Comic 62

Wow, it's been over a month since we've posted a comic online and continued on the storm cloud invasion story arc! This story arc is almost ironic, actually.. During that month I was away (Due to my computer being blown up) Britain actually had the wettest June in recorded history, with not a single dry day and terrible floods! Even now and through the start of July, the rain has not relented and floods continue. I guess the storm cloud get together is actually happening in Britain right now!!


#61 A Bit Overcast

Comic 61

Nimbo and Sunny's holidays seem like they're going to be ruined by the annual storm cloud meeting! We've been having a lot of bad weather here too, so it's those nasty storm clouds to blame! But be careful! It looks like things are going to get nasty..


#60 Gatecrashers

Comic 60

Welcome to summer! The perfect time to go down to the beach, make some sandcastles and splash around. But things can never stay perfect!


#59 Comic Sands

Comic 59

Our two heroes are taking a break to the beach! But they take a wrong turn and end up at Comic Sands instead! This comic may take some explaining; Comic Sands is a pun on 'Comic Sans' which is a font type that is widely considered to be the most horrifically ugly font ever created and it is used EVERYWHERE! There are campaigns to ban this font, it's that bad! In fact, you can help the cause at Ban Comic Sans!



I always forget to post the day's comic here, and I don't want to spam people's friends page, so I'm gonna catch up over the weekend :D

#58 Cloud Philosophy

Comic 58

This is the last comic in the 'Fart' story arc, if we count farting as a story arc. Seriously, no more farting please!